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‚ÄčAt Levy Brothers we believe that wallpaper hanging requires patience, skill and time. The finest results are produced without cutting corners. To produce the finest finish in wallpapering the surfaces must be prepared correctly  and this means the old wallpaper or lining paper must be stripped away by steam and then the walls made good ready to be decorated. We hang lining paper to provide a smooth surface for painting and also cross line walls to create an even and sound base for faultless wallpaper finish. We are able hang all the finest types of wallpaper from the major manufacturers like Coles & Son, Harlequin, Osbourne & Little, Laura Ashley and the list goes on. We can give free advice, if required, on matching colour schemes. Wide Vinyl has become ever more popular for homes and businesses and at Levy Brothers we are we have been following the trends and been providing this service for sometime now.  Do you have water damage and want a free repair quote? Call Us On 0203 617 9943  




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